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Order of Events Based on Scriptural Texts. This Topic combines the scriptural
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Scripture reveals what Endtime events occur before we can know the "End
is Near". Matt.24:33. God manifests His Kingdom Power through the Two
Prophets sent from heaven to stand before Him on behalf of His people.
Rev.11:4. The focus centers on these Witnesses as Martyrs eagerly await
the Day Christ comes to avenge their blood. Rev.6:9-10.

God's blessing rests upon three groups of people: All who die in the Lord
until the First Resurrection; all who watch for Christ's coming with armies
gathered to Armageddon; and those invited to the Lamb's wedding supper.
But during 40% of the text fulfilled on the Lastday, in 100 verses between Rev.
6:1 and Rev.20:6, why are the Martyrs at the center of attention in Revelation?

We invite all who are studying the Structure of Revelation to consider the
Endtime and Post-Tribulation events that climax with armies gathering to
Armageddon. Why? Because on that day Christ gathers all the Saints from
heaven and earth to meet Him at the Synagogue in the sky. I Thess.3:13;
2 Thess.2:1. The Last Trump is the appointed time to judge and reward all
the Prophets and Saints, both small and great, and destroy all who have just
killed the last Believers whom God says should be killed. Rev.11:18; Rev.6:11.

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